Curly Hair and Baby Bangs - a new hairdo for a new year

Baby Bangs and Curly Hair

New Hairdo, Who's This?

Here is my new "Mermaid Hairdo" for my upcoming birthday (7 days away!) I'm wearing it curly, and I changed my bangs to baby bangs instead of bettie bangs.

Bettie Bangs

Bettie Bangs vs Baby Bangs

What's the difference between the two styles, you might ask?  Bettie bangs are usually blunter, a bit longer, get curled under, and go in a V or U shape. Baby bangs have more texture, are shorter, and tend to be styled side swept or even a little bit curly. 

Trying to Look Like a Mermaid

How I Got Curly Hair

I used OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream in my wet, unbrushed hair. It's actually curlier on day two after misting with water and scrunching and reapplying this AM. My hair has natural curl but also will behave very well with a good flat iron straightening.

I'm excited about my new 'do!