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Bridget Eileen: Writer in Rhode Island

Bridget Eileen Madden

Bridget Eileen is a writer who lives in Rhode Island. She is a poet. She does communications work. She is an artistic director for the Boston Poetry Marathon. She is a solitary eclectic neopagan witch.


Bridget writes three blogs: Notebook Witch, a blog on witchcraft and witchery; An Arts Notebook, an arts and culture blog; and Glam Witch Style a plus size glamour witch, curvy cottage core, body positive beauty blog. She also posts personal news updates at Bridget Eileen’s News.


Fall Foliage behind 
Fogler Library, UMaine
Bridget Eileen grew up in the Boston area. She has a Bachelor of Science in English Education with minors in Music and Women’s Studies from University of Maine, and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing with a concentration in Poetry from University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast MFA program. She and Rhode Island got together in 2017 and it’s been a deep, abiding love ever since.

Recent Publications

She has also been published in Reflections, The Maine Review, The Ornery Hipster, Vividarium, The Accompaniest, Stonecoast Lines, and Newport Life Magazine. She worked as an arts and cultural reporter for The Maine Campus, The Loop, and The Malden Muse.

Boston Poetry Marathon 

Bridget Eileen is an artistic director for the long-standing Boston-area poetry reading marathon festival, the Boston Poetry Marathon. She an her fellow artistic director, Suzanne Mercury, have been organizing the event since 2017. Their co-organizers, Christina Liu and Xtina Strong, joined the team in 2020. The Boston Poetry Marathon was established in 1998. 


Bridget Eileen has done poetry readings in Boston, Brooklyn, Albany, Cambridge, Gloucester, Maine, Manhattan, and New Orleans. Recently, she has done online poetry readings for 1000 Poets for Change – Connecticut and at Boston Architectural College.

Performing Arts

Bridget Eileen has served in multiple roles in the performing arts: as a singer in several choirs, a trombonist in classical and jazz bands, an actor in plays, a theatre director for high schools, and as a front-of-house volunteer for the Boston-area burlesque organizations, Rogue Burlesque and Alternatease.


Bridget runs the Boston Austen Book Club, a book club that meets once a season to discuss the works of Jane Austen, works inspired by Jane Austen, or writing on Austen’s books and life.

Communications Work

Bridget Eileen was the Communications Chair of the Rhode Island Democratic Women's Caucus from 2019-2021. Since 2002, she has worked on communications projects at academic institutions throughout New England and been main editor and writer for several educational newsletters. She has also worked on copy editing and copywriting as a merchandising assistant for an online retailer. She taught journalism and was the faculty advisor for a high school newspaper in Maine.

Political Work

Bridget Eileen is an EMILY’s List Ignite Change Fellow, and her work with the RI Democratic Women’s Caucus was featured at the 2021 EMILY’s List National Gala. She also completed Rhode Island Working Families Party “Campaign School” in late 2021.

From 2019-2021, she served on the executive board of the Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus as Secretary and, before that, as the Executive Committee Member representing the 2nd Congressional District, while also serving as Communications Chair for the Caucus.

She is currently on a hiatus from political volunteer work.

Handfasting and Wedding Officiant

Bridget Eileen is a non-denominational ordained minister through Universal Ministries and is available to officiate weddings for couples who are seeking an officiant for either non-denominational yet spiritual, a-religious, or neo-pagan wedding ceremonies. Contact for inquiries!

Personal Note

Bridget Eileen’s social and biological nieces and nephews call her Auntie Boo-Boo and that’s awesome. Her role models in life are Maude, of Harold and Maude and Blanche Devereaux from The Golden Girls.