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Glam Witch Style by Bridget Eileen Mission Statement

Glam Witch Style by Bridget Eileen is a body positive glamour witch, curvy cottagecore, plus size pinup beauty blog.

Glam Witch Style by Bridget Eileen features plus-size outfits for work and play and ideas for accessorizing, make up, and hair styling. This site is for eclectic style lovers of all ages, orientations, and sizes to help them look fabulous, have fun, and empower themselves to be happy, just as they are.

Glam Witch Style by Bridget Eileen Vision

We receive both subtle and blatant detrimental messages often: that we should spend more, weigh less, be more modest, look younger, or generally just be, somehow, "better" than we are right now. I don't accept this. I feel it's more than okay to not have expensive clothes, to wear a size 18, to be over age 20 and want to look cute AF, and to express ourselves in ways that aren't mainstream. I feel this is essential to living our best lives.

When I started this blog, I had been posting outfit selfies every day on Facebook. However, a little album on my private Facebook account wasn't really dynamic and public enough for what I wanted to do with each picture: showing off my economic and artistic prowess when it comes to a budget wardrobe full of vintage inspired outfits for home and office. I decided to move everything to a public website and create this DIY cottagecore and glam witchcore eclectic style body positive beauty blog. 

The thing about this little hobby of mine is, the more I do it, the more I love it. I consider myself a part of many different style and beauty blog communitites: the age 30+ and 40+ style community; the body positivity community; the cottagecore and witchcore style and vintage clothes community; the thrifters and budget-friendly bargain hunters. And the more I read other non-mainstream beauty bloggers, the more I love what we're doing. Because I see what we're doing is more than just showing off cool clothes: we're changing the culture.

I feel that what we are doing, such as explaining how to find items at discount prices; how to style an outfit that's in a cottagecore, witchcore, or other vintage style but for work; and especially how to wear outfits that make you feel happy in your body is a subversive and empowering phenomenon of social media, blogs and the internet.  

So, without doing anything but being myself and explaining what I wore today, I've ended up doing something rebellious. And I'm happy to do so, and I hope it drives you to do so, and support those who do so, as well. 

Thanks for your support along the way!