Moss Green #Accessories

Most of these jewelry pieces are gifts from loved ones. I'm so very lucky. Now that I'm writing up little ditties on my adventures in accessorizing, and have cheekily deemed myself the Accessories Czarina, I'm realizing one of the best things about having the collection that I have and making a point to wear them everyday is that I get to display the tokens of affections friends and family have given me throughout the years. The circle earrings are vintage, can't remember from where. But the brooch was a present from my mom. The multichain beaded necklace was from my friend Erin. And the silver and purple butterfly bracelet with green accent colors my father bought for me on my 24th birthday while we were on a family vacation in Toronto. He died 7 and a half years ago. He was a tough dude Marine Corps veteran with the scariest Irish temper (which I've completely inherited), but sometimes he was all sentiment and heart. This bracelet is all my favorite things: funky jewelry, butterflies, and the color purple. It was his birthday last week, will be my parents' anniversary tomorrow and Fathers' Day is Sunday, so I'm thinking a lot about him as a result. Think I'll wear this bracelet the rest of the week. Also it's really hard to remove. Ha ha.