Funny Concept Costume Ideas: Slutty Trashbag - plus it's reallllly cheap!

Bridget Eileen as a Slutty Trash Bag for a Plus Size Pin Up Style Funny Concept Costumes

Funny and Inexpensive Sexy Pin Up Style Halloween Concept Costume - "The Slutty Trash Bag"

Hahahaha Get it? It's a play on the term "trashy slutbag" and a play on the "Sexy [Fill-in-the-Blank]" costumes all in one fun costume parody. I just wore a white teddy from The Clothing Warehouse in Savannah (now moved to Atlanta) and put a trash bag over it. Good times!

Bridget Eileen Plus Size Pin Up in Funny Concept Costume of Slutty Trashbag

Slutty Trash Bag Costume Details

White teddy - The Clothing Warehouse Consignment Store (now in Atlanta, previously in Savannah)
Black bra & tights - Marshalls
Wig - CVS
Shoes - Payless
Thick Bangle Bracelet - Walmart
Hair bow and circle earrings - Family Dollar
Pink Belt - shop in Martha's Vineyard
Black lace lingerie shorts - vintage from Mom (weird, right? Oh well. Too cute to care)

Such a slutty trashbag! A parody costume of the "sexy" everything, and a word play on trashy slutbag, plus I look really sexy!