How to Wear a Mini Dress at Work: Pair with Thick Wool Pattern Tights and Thick Cardigan #plussize #psootd

Mod Style White Plaid Mini Dress Plus Size Pin Up Outfit for Work with Wool Pattern Tights and Thick Purple Cardigan 

Remember those Mad Men episodes with the ladies wearing the mini dresses in the office? I was thinking of that when I wore this outfit. While the dress is on the short side, it works with either thick tights or thick leggings at work and a thick cardigan because there's not a lot of OMG skin showing. I love sporting the side pony tail when wearing a mod style dress. So perfect. 

Pinup Purple Accessories and Mod Style Mini Dress Outfit Details

  • You can't see them that well but I'm wearing woven wool tights that I got from Old Navy for 50 cents on mega clearance. So cute! Cardigan is also Old Navy. 
  • Dress from Savers for $8. 
  • Belt from Boomerangs, $3 
  • Pendant was a brooch that I got from my extra mom in Maine, Cindy. It broke so I turned it into a necklace because the brooch was too pretty. 
  • Earrings from my old roommie, Rene.