Black, White and Red Galmour Witch Acccessories

Black, White and Red Eclectic Glamour Witchcore Style Accessory Ideas Layout 

What's black and white and red all over? These accessories. Wokka wokka. Lots of accessory pieces, as I talked about in the previous posts about my Victory Rolls and Betty Bangs Pinup Hair and outfit of the day when I wore them. I go all out for special occasions. All out means lots of bracelets, both hair rosette and earrings along with necklace and belt and my standard ballet flats. 

What I love about this palette is how diverse the sources are: bangles are Claire's, Killer Trash in Fells Point, hand me down from Aunt Betty. Rosette and earrings from Family Dollar. Red belt from Savers. Necklace, handmade by me. Maybe that's the key to a good ensemble? A variety of sources from which they came.