Boho Chic and Pin Up Style Hybrid OOTD in Jade Green, Pencil Skirt and Cardigan

boho chic meets pin up style with thick belt long pencil skirt and jade top and accessories

Boho Meets Pinup for this Plus Size Outfit for Work with Jade Top and Flats, Grampa Beige Cardigan and Long Black Pencil Skirt OOTD

I love this outfit. It's a mix of all my favorite fashion tropes but somehow it flows instead of clashing. I have a slight boho look with the long skirt, thick headband, vintage necklace and chandlier earrings. The high waist and thick three-buckle belt are distinctly vamp pin up plus the bold color mildly tight top. And the ballet flats and grampa style cardigan add a tinge of nerdy word girl

Playing with Colors - Being a Bright Fall/ Winter

I really love this jewel toned jade/emerald green. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite go-to colors. All the sudden, before I knew it, I've got two tops, a pair of shoes and a necklace that are all in that shade. It's like my subconscious knows, "hey this is a power color for you, miss Bright Fall/Winter (depending on hair color)." If you're looking to pep things up, I defintiely encourage you to find a bolder color you don't have a lot of and see if you can make it work against a bunch of other neutrals, like I did with this outfit, another eason why I think this muddle of fashion style "works."

My vintage style accessories can be see up close and person in the next post.