Easy To Do Pin Up Hairstyle - Bettie Bangs and Side Ponytail with Curl and Little Purple Rosette

Easy To Do Pin Up Hair Style with curled side ponytail and bettie bangs and little purple hair rosette in red hair

Redhead Retro Style Easy Pin Up Hair with Curly Side Pony Tail and Little Purple Rosette - Five Minute Hairstyle

To do this hairstyle, I had the curling iron set to medium high heat. I brushed my hair and gathered it into a side pony tail. I curled my Bettie Bangs: do the top layer first in a left section and right section. Then curl the bottom layer. Brush with a slim curled brush then spray with strong hold hair spray to set in place. Next, I curled the pony tail. My hair is medium thickness, so I separated it into three sections and curled each section. I wrapped my hair around the curling iron, sprayed my hair and let it set for about a minute with each curling. I spray the pony tail again and don't brush it out because everyday walking around well loosen the curls. Then I added a little rosette on the side with the curl. Overall this took about 5 minutes to do, so it's a cute look for the workday when you don't have a lot of time to get ready.