Plus Size Outfit for Work Idea: Orange Tunic, Purple Cardigan & Rose Print Leggings, a Hybrid of Boho Chic and Pin Up Style

Boho Chic Pin Up Style Hybrid Orange Tunic, Purple Cardigan and Rose Print Leggings Plus Size Outfit for Work

Orange Tunic, Long Purple Cardigan and Rose Print Leggings with Black, Gold and Orange Accessories Pinup Style Plus Size Outfit for Work OOTD

I love the bright orange color of this tunic. And the little flower on the neckline is an extra touch of prettiness. I wear a belt with this outfit because without it, my body just looks like a big block. This is yet another "big boob" problem. If you don't have something cinching in at your waist, a billowing shirt like this will only go out as far as your biggest parts and not go back in, unless you put a belt on it. 

Wearing Print Leggings for an Outfit for Work

I don't often wear print leggings at work. If I do, I usually pick solid colors to wear on top, so that there isn't too much "going on." I love the bright colors on top with the dark print on the bottom to give this outfit balance.

Boho Chic and Retro Pin Up Elements

The high waisted belt gives a pin up flare to the many boho parts of this outfit, like the long chandelier earrings. I made the big black beaded necklace. And of course I'm wearing a cardigan. Standard issue for us bookish nerds. More details on the boho chic and retro pin up cheap accessories in a following post.