Super Cute Pin Up Black Polka Dot Dress and Pink Ruffle Cardigan Plus Size OOTD

Pinup Polka Dot Dress with Pink Ruffle Cardigan super cute vintage style ootd

Cute Vintage Style Plus Size Outfit with Pink Ruffle Cardigan and Polka Dot Dress pinup style ootd

This was a cute little outfit I put together for my cousin's baby shower. The babies (twins) are boys, but I don't subscribe to pink for girls and blue for boys. I believe in all colors for everyone! Extra girlie with curled pigtails. "I feel pretty, oh so pretty." Etc etc etc

Polka Dot Jersey Dress with Soft Pink Pin Up Outfit Details

Cardigan - No Fleas Market, thrift store in New Orleans
Dress - Bob's Sporting Goods
Tights - Walgreens
Belt - Full Blossom Chic, now closed NOLA consignment store
Shoes - Target
Headband - Dollar store
Necklace - vintage hand me down from my Aunt Betty