Vintage Style Accessories Idea: Light Blue and Grey Accessories with 80s bracelet and handmade choker necklace, What I Wore Today (WIWT)

light blue and grey vintage accessories handmade choker necklace 80s plastic bracelet

Grey, Silver and Light Blue Vintage and Vintage Style Accessories: Hand-Me-Downs, Handmade Necklace, Thrift Store and Dollar Store Buys

I wore this light blue palette of accessories with grey leggings and a striped black and white dress. It's not usually a color palette I work with because it's more "spring" tones and I'm a Winter/Fall kinda gal. But it's fun to step out of the box occasionally. The silver bangle was my Nana's. The 80s vintage bracelet was a handmedown gift from my bff from college, Jenny. The rosette is from Family Dollar. My belt is from Savers. And the funky color periwinkle, turquoise, tomato red and limeade green beads was a wild experiment in clashing colors that I made when those beads kinda fell to the floor together. But I really like that necklace!