Going from Redhead Plus Size Pin Up to Jet Black Bettie Paige Style Black Pinup Hair

Bridget Eileen as a redhead pin up with Bettie Bangs and Side curled ponytail

My Last Redheaded Pin Up Hairstyle Selfie for a While (but I still have the Bettie Bangs, of course!), Going from Clear Spring to Clear Winter Color Palette 

I have been so far behind in posting my plus size outfits of the day, pin up make up pictures and pinup hairstyle selfies that I'm only now getting to my very last redheaded pin up hairstyle photo, even though I dyed it back at the end of March! After I took this photo, I went to bluish black hair. This was my "before" photo. I do this hairstyle a lot: curl my pony tail and wear it slightly off to the side and do a very tight curl for my Bettie bangs. 

Changing hair Color Drastically Means Changing My Color Palette

I think the jade necklace and tank go really well with my red hair, because that shade of green is a very good "Clear Spring" palette color. I still love wearing that shirt and necklace combo but it doesn't "pop" as much with my black hair because I go from Clear Spring to Clear Winter. 

Clear Spring Palette from OutfitIdeas4You.com

If you want to see more about Clear Winter Color Palettes you can see the Pinterest board I put together. I'm a Clear Winter now with my bluish black hair, fair skin and blue eyes. People of all shades end up fitting into all different color palettes.