How to Do "Vampy Vixen" Pin-Up Style Dark Eye Makeup, a pinup makeup tutorial

Bridget Eileen Plus Size Pin Up with Vampy Vixen Style Dark Eye Makeup

Going Dark with the Heavy Black Eye Makeup, Vampy Vixen Pinup Style (oh la la!)

I don't usually use eyeliner on my bottom lid and all the way around my eye, but for my first selfies with the new black hair, I decided to really vamp it up. I think my eyes are getting greyer as I get older, too, because they used to be a brighter more turquoise blue, though I like how they are. Could also just be the make up and the hair changing the way they appear.

How to Do Vampy Vixen Make Up 

I stayed not too crazy for the lips, an understated but full reddish pink. Then made sure to powder my face to contrast my skin, toning down the pink, with my new jet black hair. I added pencil to my cheek mole (there is a very light one on my face that I fill in for fun sometimes.) And then used a thick eyeliner pencil on the bottom lid and under it, and on the top. I blended all of that with the brush then added liquid liner from corner to corner (another thing I don't usually do -- usually start just before the iris on my inner lid.) And I made quite the little arch on the brows.

This is was fun look and I want to do it again. Sometime when I have a very 40s Hollywood vixen dress to wear, I will!