I Love SWIMMING! Good Thing "My Swim Body" Is Ready-at any size! Plus IS Equal

Plus Size Pin Up bbw in bikini with pigtails and sunglasses
Bridget Eileen Plus Size Pin Up
Beauty Beyond Size on the porch, getting some sun

Summer Highlights: I LOVE SWIMMING! Good Thing "My Swim Body" Is Ready - at any size! 

The inspiring Super Model Ashley Graham, who also happens to be Plus Size, has a hashtag campaign: #myswimbody As in "my swim body" is ready for the beach, at any size. There's lots of advertising and messaging out there to tell you you're not ready for the beach, unless you're a Size 2. Ashley Graham, and I, and many others, are here to tell you POPPYCOCK!

When I look back on of all the fun I had this summer while in a swimsuit, I shudder to think what I'd miss out on if I felt I had to lose a certain amount of pounds before I was happy in my bikini. I'm here to show you that you're ready for the beach -- and the pool, and the lake dock, and the deck, and the water slide -- at any size (& age!): skinny, fat, fit, or lumpy. 

Most of this fun involved my nephews, cousins and "social nieces and nephews" -- the kids of my closest friends. Little kids call me "Auntie Boo-Boo" because Bridget is kind of hard to say when you're learning to talk. My 5 year old nephew made it up as a baby and it's stuck around. I love being Auntie Boo-Boo! 

Anyway, here's the awesome things Auntie Boo-Boo AKA Bridget Eileen, plus size pin up, did in her size L/XL swimsuits and bikinis this summer. Imagine how many precious, fun, thrilling memories would never be in existence if I felt self-conscious being me? 

And how was your summer? Enjoyable and adventurous I hope. Or if it's been edited on account of those negative messages reaching you, my hope is that this post and all the women who are of like mind as me, inspire you to seize the size 16 (or 6 or 26, whatever!) swimsuit and get out there and have some fun.

My Swim Body had a fricken blast! 

#myswimbody sliding down the inflatable water slide with the kids
The only adult at the Half-Birthday party
to side down the inflatable water slide.
In this photo, Mr Mayor is directing me
to go down backwards instead.
I saved that for the 2nd time.

Turtle Pond, a hidden gem of Boston, in Hyde Park
I love pond swimming the most.
Turtle Pond, a hidden gem of Boston, in Hyde Park

Bridget Eileen flying a kite at West Beach in Beverly MA
Let's Go Fly a Kite!
At West Beach, in Beverly, MA

Kayaks on a lake in New Hampshire's White Mountains
Kayaking on a Lake
Up in New Hampshire's White Mountains

Shadow in the sand at West Beach in Beverly MA
Grin and Auntie Boo-Boo at West Beach

Lu and Wilbur (cropped out and sleeping like a log)
with their Auntie Boo Boo
About to leave Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester, MA

#MySwimBody Does Cannon Balls, Flips and Dives off the Dock at the Lake in New Hampshire
#MySwimBody Does Cannon Balls, Dives and even FLIPS
off the Dock at the Lake in New Hampshire

Yeah, I did flips off the deck at the lake, 2 days before my birthday. Because not only does swimsuit size not effect my ability to have fun, neither does age!