Pink, White & Black Pinup Accessories of the Day: Mix of Vintage & Dollar Store Bargains

Pink, White and Black pin up accessories of the day - bargains from the dollar store and vintage handmedowns

Pink, White and Black Pin Up Style Accessories of the Day - bargains from the dollar store and vintage hand me downs

Light pink with black and white is really one of the cutest color palettes for accessories. The outfit I wore these with had a very 60s mod style feel, with a color block skirt and top and black, so these were perfect companion accessories. Especially the geometric pattern earrings. I love my little dangling circle earring and they were on $3 from Family Dollar! Sequin headband from CVS. The necklace was a gifted hand-me-down from my best from from college -- it belonged to her grandmother and my bff put it in my stocking the year we did stocking exchange for Christmas. Then the bangle bracelet was from a co-worker after she cleaned out her jewelry collection. Everything goes so well, like the bangle with the earrings being the same shade of white and type of plastic, but they came completely separately!

Black, White and Pink Palette Vintage Style Accessories of the Day - Details on What I Wore Today Accessories

  • Pink long chainbead necklace - hand me down from my BFF in Maine
  • White Bangle bracelet - hand me down from my co-worker
  • White Circle Earrings - Family Dollar part of a necklace and earring set $7
  • Pink and Purple Rectangle Lucite Ring - gift form my Mom from the $5 accessories cart