One Crazy Summer - And The Swimsuit to Match

Borat Man Print Swimsuit - Ugly Women's Swimsuit - Beloved Shirts
This is me, wearing a woman's swimsuit
with the pattern of a man, wearing a Borat Green Thong Swimsuit
because it's hilarious.

My Super Wild and Fun Summer and My Super Wild and Fun Swimsuit

Things have changed SO MUCH for me this summer, as you can see below.

Borat Man Print Swimsuit - Ugly Women's Swimsuit - Beloved Shirts
No, I didn't become Borat; it's just an ugly bathing suit ;-)

Remember when I had black hair? Haha. I know that's not the big difference. On the right is a swimsuit from part of my Plus Size Pin Up Swimsuit Posts during the past two summers. The leopard print bikini top is from Target and the polka dot bottoms are from Old Navy. I'm doing that whole "Mixed Print" trend, which I think is pretty cute, and they are tied together with that lovely sea foam green accenting on both pieces. I love this swimsuit. It's sexy and flattering and comfy.

On the left, well, that's a horse of a different color! I'm wearing a HILARIOUS swimsuit from Beloved Shirts. The pattern is "Man in Borat Swimsuit" -- it's very meta: I'm a woman, wearing a woman's swimsuit in which the pattern is a man wearing a Borat thong. So far, that top compilation photo of me in the 5 different poses has over 200+ likes (and counting, if you help the cause and click here to give it a "like") on my personal Facebook post. I don't think I've reached that many likes before. Not even when I got a new job several years ago, or moved to a new home last month.

Wait, You Moved to a New Home? 

YUP! I told you it was a wild summer! I moved from my beloved, long-time family neighborhood in Boston, Roslindale, to Federal Hill in Providence this summer. It was bittersweet, as someone in my family had lived in Rozzie for 97 years. I was the last hold-out. However, I love my new apartment and my new neighborhood in Providence so far. And I'm excited for a change of scenery. Plus it's more affordable, with one less roommate (so hopefully fewer of those "room available" postings I kept having to do every 6 months or so) and I can get residency in one year so I can go to URI. I want to go there for my second master's degree. Because who doesn't need two master's degrees, especially in very low-income fields of study? Whatever. That's why I have the Bargain Hunter Blog and why I shop on a Bohemian Budget!

Beloved Shirts Women's Borat Bathing Suit Pattern with Pin Up Style Accessories
Pin Up Style Borat Bathing Suit

Pin Up Accessories for Your Ridiculously Hideous Beloved Shirts Ugly Man Bathin Suit Style Women's Swimsuit

Take for instance all my adorable matching pin up style accessories to this Borat Bathing Suit Swimsuit: the yellow and green rosette was from Family Dollar. Sunglasses and hairband, which really matches that thong color so spot on, were from Dollar Tree. How adorable, no? Very nice.

(See what I did there?)

Pin Up Pose in Borat Print Beloved Shirt Women's Swimsuit
How You Doin' Baby?

Boston Poetry Marathon 2017: Poetry Heat Wave

This summer wasn't crazy just because I bought one of the ugliest women's swimsuits available on the market, nor because I moved to Providence. It was also super busy because I was one of the organizers for the Boston Poetry Marathon, a 3-day poetry reading festival held in Cambridge's Inman Square, featuring over 100+ poets. If you think wrangling that many poets to read at a poetry reading was tough, you think correctly. But, along with my fellow organizers, we were able to pull it off and it was a smashing success.

Thumbs Up on the hideously hilarious Borat Bathing Suit Beloved Shirt Swimsuit
Yay! We did it!

Disgusting back boil on the Borat Bathing Suit women's swimsuit from Beloved Shirts
We totally pulled that out of our butts, too

Oh What a Summer of Fun

Additionally, I went to Maine for my MFA creative writing program's reunion and to visit as many as my loved ones up there as I could squeeze into a 6 day trip before moving two weeks later. I even jumped off of a cliff into a waterfall, to celebrate this year's birthday back in July. It was scary and fun.

Bridget Eileen - Laughing at myself in the Borat bathing suit from Beloved Shirts
Hahaha I didn't die at all while cliff diving 

All the Parties

My mom lived in Martha's Vineyard this summer as part of her new job. Normally she is in New Orleans, which is why I get to visit there so often. Last weekend, I was able to go visit my mom in Martha's Vineyard. For most of this summer, though, she came to the mainland and we had a lot of family gatherings: birthday parties, dinners or brunches with the extended fam, a whole bunch of us went to see Shakespeare in the Common and this weekend, we will be at Festival at the Farm in Canton. I also went to a Red Sox game with her, and to WaterFire in Providence, and she came with me when I planned a group outing for all my girlfriends from high school and their families to go to a Paw Sox game in Pawtucket. I recommend that as a big group outing! It's pretty inexpensive and quite fun!

Let the Good Times Roll!

Actually, I am about ready for some boring time, if possible. Is that possible? Not next weekend. Next weekend is a mini reunion of my two college besties in my newly adopted city. We have a romantic Gondola Ride on the Providence River planned for Friday and WaterFire to attend on Saturday. 

Oh well. I may be super busy during September, too. But at least I'm laughing my way through it. 

Laughing at the ugly Beloved Shirts Swimsuit
Heavens, I got I kick out of this thing.

What You Can Expect in October

Before summer took its turns for the wildest, I had planned to work diligently on revising this blog so that the old posts were as hearty as the new ones. That got derailed quickly with all of the above mentioned fun. So, once life finally settles down after this September, I have a plan to get back to revising the blog and getting it all up to date and as SEO'd and lovely as I want it to be, sometime in the next year.

In the meantime, though I still won't be posting much new content on the blog, I will keep updating my Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter, with style-blog related posts, so please take a look there.

And all the newly revised blog posts will get posted to Vintage Bridge on Facebook and Google Plus, so you can see what new work I have done on old posts if you go there and follow the posts from those social media pages.

Thanks for reading. I hope the official waning days of summer are as much fun for you as mine have been/will be.

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