How This One Outfit Is Emblematic of My Entire Pinup Style Philosophy and Aesthetic of "Do As You Will, and Own It"

boho chic everyday pin up hybrid fashion equals pagan pin up poet Bridget Eileen
It's like if the Late 60s Married the Early 50s and
Had a "Not Quite Gen X, Not Quite Millenial" Vintage Fashion Baby
Who Was a Solo Practioning Neo Pagan Poet

Wearing Your Entitlement Hat in Whatever You Pursue, Including Being a Pinup

When one endeavors to do something--whether it's poetry, blogging, wearing pin up style, going vegetarian, urban gardening, etc etc--one may hesistate and wonder, "Am I doing this right?" There are notorious gatekeepers in all communities. Example: the other day I saw a vegan guy on Twitter call out a vegan blogger for buying an ice cream for little girl who was crying because she couldn't afford one from the ice cream truck. Because the vegan blogger bought the little girl a non-vegan ice cream, the vegan guy was trying to "dairy-shame" the blogger. Seriously.

People like that exist all over, including in communities I am part of, like poetry, blogging and pinup styling. What does one have to do to call oneself a poet? A blogger? A pinup? My answer is: decide you want to be called those things and do them. You don't have to wait for someone else to sanction what you call yourself. You don't have to be published by someone else, pull in a ton of ad revenue, or be a paid model to call yourself a poet, a blogger, or a pinup.

I saw Boston City Councilor-at-large Ayana Pressley speak at a Massachusetts NOW event a few years ago. She said that one of the things that prevents women from advancing in their careers, passions, and dreams for themselves is that we are, unfortunately, socialized to apologize for taking up time and space. Even if we're doing a good job, even if we're experts, even if we think we deserve recognition. Amy Schumer had a skit about women's compulsion to say "sorry" before doing or saying anything, even and especially when there's nothing to apologize for.

Conversely, one of the things that men are socialized to do, is feel confident and entitled to recognition for whatever they're endeavoring to do. Women, Pressley noted, need to learn this lesson, too, and wear our "Entitlement Hats."

I really love accessorizing, and I strive every day--every time I doubt myself; every time that Imposter Syndrome lurks--to internalize the idea that I need to wear my Entitlement Hat.

60s boho fashion dress, 40s hairstle, vintage style accessories with a witchy aesthetic combine for one fun plus size pin up style outfit of the day
Boho Dress, Victory Rolls, Hair Rosette, Pagan Medallion, Flashy Belt, Wooden Beads
Somehow, It All Works--at least I think so!

Combining Decades of Aesthetics in Pinup, Boho, Witchy, and Other Vintage Fashion Styles and "Making It Work"

When I first started wearing pin up style outfits, I was hesitant to call myself "a pinup." Firstly, because I don't model for any venue but my own style blog. And also because while my outfits are heavily influenced by pin up style, which (arguably) is a fashion aesthetic that ranges from 1940s to mid 60s style, they're never composed of just pin up style pieces.

I was a teen in the 1990s when a grunge-influenced boho-hippie style saw a retro heyday upon the passing of Jerry Garcia around the same time as Kurt Cobain. That style, therefore, is in my fashion DNA. The boho style is especially infused in my fahsion choices because I was an older teen/younger 20-something up in Maine, where a a practical and cozy outdoorsy boho style reigns supreme through all decades, thanks to the Fashion House of LL Bean.

As such, I rarely wear an outfit that is purely pin up in clothes, make up, and accessories. I usually blend from all the aesthetics I love, including things I associate with my spritual practice as a neo-pagan. So I guess you can dub my style "Pagan Pinup" -- a bit witchy, a bit Bettie Page, a bit of a modern touch, and always on a very practical budget. Political Pagan Plus Size Pinup Poet Blogging is not a lucrative endeavor--not yet at least. Ha!

How This Outfit Works as a Boho-Pagan-Pinup Hybrid Outfit

So! I call myself a pinup, and I'd say my style is "every day pinup" usually--in that I incorporate a lot of vintage style into what I'm wearing and how I style it, even if it's simple wrap dress for work. While I may not be wearing a full-on, head-to-toe purely pin up style outfit, I still consider my overall style pin up.

Case in point, the outfit featured in this post. There's a bit of everything going on here, but somehow--with confidence, pleasure, and, in this case, the common color of red--I blended all those aethestics into one really pretty outfit that I LOVED. And one that several of the good people of New Orleans were not hesitant to tell me they loved, too. (So friendly!!!)

Heart Shaped Sunglasses from Funky Moneky on Magazine Street in New Orleans
I added these new Heart Shaped Sunglasses to my outfit in the middle of the day
when I bought them at Funky Monkey on Magazine St in New Orleans

Bohemian Budget Multi-Aesthetic "Pagan Pinup" Outfit of the Day Details

  • Boho-style dress - Old Navy, less than $4 with my Super Cash Coupon (can you believe it???)
  • Wooden bead necklace & black leggings - also at Old Navy, $10 and $8
  • Hair rosette - Vintage shop on Decatur Street in New Orleans, 2 for $6
  • Chandelier rose and gold earrings - shop at Providence Share Space, $5
  • Black patent leather belt - Saver's Thrift Store, $4
  • "Love" Symbol Medallion - Hex Old Word Witchery on Decatur St in the French Quarter of New Orleans, $10
  • Heart-shaped sunglasses - Funk Monkey on Magazine St in New Orleans, $12