Simple Ways to Do Your Nails: Keeping It Basic Black - It's Not Just for 90s Goth Kids Anymore

Bridget Eileen wearing dark nails with black nail polish

My Simple Nail Color Routine: Black Nail Polish

I used to do a more complicated nail polish routine. It was a ritual to do my nails on Sunday nights while watching all the good shows: Once Upon a Time, Mad Men, all that good stuff. 

I don't have cable anymore. Nor do I have nails, really*. And I have so many other things going on, that I made the decision to just keep this one beauty regime simple, by wearing black nail polish. 

It used to be such a rebellious nail color! I was young during the Goth fashion era. I wasn't really "Goth" but having Tori Amos as your favorite singer does give you a slightly dark, quirky fashion sense. 

Nowadays, navy, dark purple, dark red and black are fairly commonplace, and worn by soccer moms and punk dudes alike. I'm somewhere in between those types. And I like that it goes with everything. Also it's easy enough to topcoat should there be a blemish.

*I stopped biting my nails from the years 2010-2015. Then TFG starting running for prez and my anxiet prevent me from keeping up my good habit. I'm now back to bithing them all the time. It won't stop until we #ITMFA. =sigh=