My Million Dollar Idea: Pin Up Style Sports Apparel (an antidote to the Pink Hat!)

Bridget Eileen adding a pinup style flair to a Red Sox themed outfit

Who Do We Talk to about Making Official Retro Style Sports Gear for Women? 

instead of, you know, "pink hats"

Authentic pin-up style pro sports gear doesn't exist yet, but it really should. Wouldn't you love that? Sports apparel in the team colors, but with pinup touches? Like a cap sleeve zebra print Bruins tshirt with gold spoked B! 1940s female baseball uniform, a la "A League of Their Own," as a Red Sox dress! Patriots hair rosettes! Celtics cardigan with clovers instead of polka dots! (That was very Boston-centric, but it's my fantasy, so when in why not go with teams that are historically the best? =gloat gloat=) In the meantime, we are left to improvise. I do what I can to fashion my sports fan style in a vintage way. 

Sports Apparel with a Touch of Pin Up Style 

For instance, with this "Red Sox selfie" before a visit to Fenway back in 2011: my "Green Monster" green Red Sox t-shirt with a  black cardigan and black hair rosette for a 50s pinup touch. 

I also have braided pig tails, a homemade necklace with red, white and blue beads in homage to the team colors, then a touch of green to evoke the park, and my Lucky Buddha Medallion to go with my boho chic tendencies.

Side note: You can see the chain of the Lucky Buddha Medallion. I wore it to a game when David Ortiz AKA Big Papi was on a hitting dry spell. My sister and I rubbed it and chanted "ommm" when he got up to bat. Everyone in our section thought we were nuts. Then he hit a grand slam homerun. Being good baseball fans, who are devoutly superstitious, they all took to rubbing Buddha's belly. More Red Sox player hit home runs that inning. And thus it became Papi's Lucky Buddha Medallion. 

Give Us Vintage/Rockabilly/Pin Up Style Sports Gear, Not Just Pink Hats

There isn't anything wrong with pink or purple or turquoise Sox hats per se, though they have a notorious reputation these days. It's just that I'd like another method of feminine sports apparel because the culture of Pink Hats (fair-weather, ignorant fans ruining sports with their casual-to-completely-disinterested game attendance) is problematic. I long for vintage-looking retro sports gear!