Time and Fashion and Balance: My Beauty Blog Goes on Hiatus

plus size outfit of the day for work from old navy and thrfit store vintage style black floral dress with leggings and cardigan work separates

Finding the Time for My Fashion Blogging Hobby in the Middle of a Really Busy Schedule

To everything there is a season. For instance, this black dress with pretty blue thick cardigan was from earlier this year in March, but I never had a chance to post this particular plus size outfit of the day to the Glamour Witch Style blog Instagram account until today, the first day of Summer!

And I actually haven't been posting to Glam Witch Style as much in general lately. I love having this beauty blog as a fun hobby to express my creativity through fashion. BUT a few things have changed lately.

My Morning Routine

First, my morning routine is different. I used to get fully ready before heading out the door, then take an outfit selfie before I left for the day. However, recently I realized that--given my long commute--there's a lot I can do in the car to get ready. Safety first! But I do a lot of application of make up at stoplights. Then when I get to the work parking lot, I blend in the eye liner and eyebrows, and fix up my ponytail/bun/braid for the day. Once I get out of the car at work, voila! I'm almost all ready. Another way I save time is that I have also stopped using mascara. Additionally, I only apply liquid liner once I pull into the parking lot at work, if I've got the time.

The other time saver I discovered was that I could pack all my accessories in a little hand purse the night before and put them on in my office first thing, while I check my email. And I've gone down from 6 accessory pieces a day to 3-4. You know how I love my accessories. Before I changed my routine, I was wearing a hair decoration, pendant, bracelet, necklace, earrings, and rings almost every day. Instead I've gone with rings (daily) and two or three other accessory pieces, unless it's a special occasion.

All this saves me precious free time in the morning, while still allowing me to wear things that make me happy to look good in, but it means that the outfit selfies I used to take before leaving the house aren't in my morning routine anymore.

Dress, Leggings, Cardigan, Repeat: My Uniform

The heading of this section is "Dress, Leggings, Cardigan, Repeat," because, even though I pretty much never wear the same exact ensemble twice, I have the same elements of plus size work wear separates almost all the time. I have over a hundred dresses, tons of leggings in all lengths and dozens of cardigans of all types. I have short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, full sleeve, lightweight, heavy, cotton, wool, jersey, etc etc etc. I love my cardigans, which is the duty of a book nerd. And so each night when I put together my outfit--it must always be the night before because I don't have a fully functioning brain in the morning--that is the formula with which I almost always design my outfits of the day. (The exception is when I decided to wear a skirt and blouse, instead.) 

Why I Had to Change My Morning Routine

In the mornings for the forseeable future, I will need to set aside time for other endeavors of mine. 

The Boston Poetry Marathon is one major project of mine. I am one of two organizers of the event, along with my friend Suzanne Mercury. As you might imagine, organizing a three-day poetry festival with 100+ poets reading for 8 minutes apiece at the end of the Summer season is a really time consuming prospect. Ha! But I really love it. Putting this on makes use of all my best skills, from being a rare breed of Extroverted Poet, thus introducing myself to people and to each other, to organizing the schedule for the weekend (like Marie Kondo, I love a mess to tidy up!) to, most especially, being immersed in poetry and poets and poems.

The other thing I do in the morning is my work for the Rhode Island Democratic Party Women's Caucus. I am currently the Communications Chair for the Women's Caucus. With so much that has been going on in Rhode Island politics, especially when it comes to issues concerning women, it's been a really busy time of year to hold that chair! Visit the Women's Caucus Facebook Page for more information about joining the Caucus, if you are a woman in Rhode Island who is interested in getting involved with politics at the local level. This is a difficult time for progressive-minded people. Acting locally and effecting change where you live is one way to get through with your spirit in tact.

The Future of Glam Witch Style

I write a lot. I love writing. I journal. I blog. I write poems. I manage social media accounts. GlamWitchStyle.com has been a favorite hobby of mine for a while. However, this is, for me, a definitive hobby. 

Poetry is my calling. And more and more I feel that the arts and culture posts I compose for AnArtsNotebook.com are as creatively compelling for me as writing poems. The Communications work I do for the Caucus is my way to use my talents to give back and make this world better right now, as an activist who cares passionately about progressive issues. Given that I have so many things demanding my time, I have decided to put Glam Witch Style on hiatus. 

This page already has a solid 700+ posts to read. And my Instagram has over even more posts. So, there's plenty to look through during my hiatus! I will probably post to Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter for Glam Witch Style about once a week. I will either take new photos, or repost ones that were on the AnArtsNotebook account, before I created the two separate sites. And then, some day, I will get back to writing long posts about ideas for Witchcore Fashion on a Bohemian Budget.

Thank you for following and supporting Glam Witch Style for the past four years. I look forward to creating more content in the future, when time and energy compels me to again. Until them, I am more than happy to set aside this endeavor as I work for a noble cause of electing progressive women, and furthering progressive politics, at the state and local level, for the RI Democratic Women's Caucus, as well as making art, for the Boston Poetry Marathon. It's an honor to be a leader for both those organizations. 


Bridget Eileen