Great Budget Friendly Pin Up Hair Accessories - Family Dollar's Collection of Hair Rosettes, Bows and Other Cute Hair Accessories

where to find budget friendly hair accessories - pin up style hair bows, rosettes and other pieces from Family Dollar

Finding Cute Cheap Accessories from Family Dollar for Bargain Pin-Up Style Hair Accessories

Bohemian Budget Alert! I found two silver star shaped hair pins from Family Dollar, $2 total. Family Dollar has the best "everyday pinup" hair decorations. 

The bigger statement pieces you should shop elsewhere for, there's so many good stores online and at craft fairs of handmade pinup hair decoration artwork! But for day-to-day and standard hair accessories, like bows, rosettes, pins and barrettes, my go-to place is Family Dollar. If you're ever there or at an other dollar store, like Dollar Tree, poke around. You might find some really good stuff!