How to Do Quick Pinup Hairstyle for Long Hair: Half Pony with Hair Wrapped around the Half Bun

Quick Pin up Hairstyle Hair Wrapped Half Pony Tail

Quick Pin Up Hair Style Half Pony Tail with Hair Wrapped Around the Elastic Band - Step-By-Step Directions

You have to have medium to long hair for this hairstyle to work. It's quick and looks a little different than the usual pony tail.

Step-By-Step Direction for How to Do a Wrapped Half Pony Tail

1) Style the front of your hair as usual. In my case, I went with my standard Bettie Bangs and a polka dot cloth headband, to tame my wispy flyaways. In this case it's my super cute navy polka dot one. I like how the navy contrasts with my red hair, too.

2) Pull the ponytail only halfway through for the last twist of the band

3) Take the end of the tail that isn't through the elastic and wrap it around the band

4) Pin it under the elastic. I like to use a metal snap hair clip

I do this with a side ponytail often, too. It's a good middle of the week hairstyle and quick to do.