Where to Find Cheap Accessories: Mix Vintage with Dollar Store/Drug Store Pieces

Cheap Pin Up Fashion White and Navy Vintage Style Accessories

How to Find Cheap Vintage Accessories in White and Navy in Pin Up Style

I got that really funky, absolutely adorable vintage trapezoid necklace with white and blue costume beads from The Pink Elephant Antique Mall on the border of Illinois near Missouri. I only paid TWO DOLLARS for it because I am a savvy bargain hunter. 

Bargain Hunting for Cheap Pinup Accessories

How does one hone one's Bohemian Budget skills? Take the time to dig, is the thing. And look for things you don't usually see. The other way to stay bohemian budget is bargain hunt at the regular stores for new but retro styled items. This navy and white polka dot headband is from scrunci. I bought it at CVS and they were 3 for $7.