Purple Shirt and Palazzo Grey Pants GlamWitch Outfit of the Day

How to Stay a GlamWitch Even While Wearing Palazzo Loungewear Yoga Pants because You Have Poison Ivy and Thus Can't Wear Leggings, Skirts, or Dresses

I had to wear pants like this because I had poison ivy and needed to keep things covered and loose. I still prettied things up with a nice belt and turquoise accessories, though! I'm not really one to wear regular pants ever, though. Yes, I love my leggings, but jeans? Khakis? Heck no. The best you can get out of me is these palazzo style grey loungewear yoga pant, and only then it's because I had poison ivy, so I could wear any tight fabric around my legs. 

I have since gotten three more pair of palazzo pants: black, black paisley, and black polka dot. I wear them occasionally, but usually with tunic style tops, because otherwise the fupa sitch gets annoying. All the love I have for chocolate chip cookies sits right in my hips and lower belly. As such, I have a significantly smaller waist than I do hips measurement. This is why I prefer skirts, dresses and legging to any kind of "slacks" as the grandmas would call them. 

Glamour Witch Style Curvy Cottagecore Plus-Size Fashion Outfit Inspiration Details: Non Skirt or Dress Edition

  • Palazzo pant loungewear grey yoga pants - Target
  • Purple tank top - Old Navy
  • Purple shirt sleeve deep v-neck top - Target
  • Thick black belt with shiny embellishment - thrift store in New Orleans
  • Butterfly print canvas MaryJanes - Target
  • Turquoise Hair Rosette - gift
  • Cloth headband - Dollar Tree
  • Turquoise and silver pendant - thrift store in Bangor, Maine (circa 1998 mind you!)

CottageCore and WitchCore Outfit Elements

  • Black blingy belt - witch core 
  • Vintage pinup style make up - glamour witch style
  • Butterfly shoes, vintage turquoise jewelry, turqupise hair rosette - cottage core style
  • Palazzo pants - curvy cottagecore style