Bohemian Budget: "Pale Peach" #BalletFlats from Payless

These flats are super comfy and were only $10. I'm a bargain hunter. What got me though, when trying to blog about these shoes, was exactly what color to call them. Using mere auto-recall of the terms "out there" in fashion and media, I'd just call them "nude." But using my brain and looking around the room in any given contemporary urban setting, I couldn't possibly justify calling these pretty little shoes "nude" or "flesh" tone. I tried to think of synonyms by reading this article from The Guardian: 
However, I didn't get much for ideas, just some thought provoking commentary to convince me I was correct to seek out a different term. So, I'm going with pale peach because it kind of is peachy, but in a paler sense. Hahaha. All joking aside, to my mind, the little things do matter. I don't want to call this nude or flesh, since it's not applicable to lots of people around me. No thanks. Pale peach works just as well, if not better, as it is more illustrative.