#ootd #LeopardPrint Tunic #ZebraPrint accessories

Here I am in my sister's dining room in Springfield, IL. I had my mom take this picture of me, "for my fans" I told her with a silly grin on my face. To which she rolled her eyes. My sis and SIL do not have a full length mirror at home. Anyway, mixed animal prints and neutral tones go great together, don't you think? And I was having quite the nice hair day. Thank you, hair!This was also a good outfit to pack because the leggings and tunic fold up very tiny in the suitcase, saving me lots of room. Also, I love the green turquoise paint they chose for the dinig room. So cute! My sister worked her flat Irish bum off on that hardwood floor, too, so let's take a moment to appreciate that...there that's good. They're home is really cute and fit all the guests from Massachusetts in it the dat after the wedding to watch the Pat's game (well, Red Zone to start, then the last--albeit most important 5 minutes of the game.)