#ootd My Ames Discount Dept Store Floral Baby Doll Tunic from 1994

How about that? Yes, this adorable maroon shirt was purchased in 1994 from the now closed discount department store chain, Ames. I love this freakin' shirt. I wore it for the first day of school throughout high school, college and even in my 30s in grad school! Ha! Adding a leopard print belt makes it a hybrid boheminan hippie pinup. Which is my essence in an outfit: hybrid bohemian hippie pinup! Necklace from Payless for $2.10, belt from Savers, sweater from Mardens, coral shirt from Target, hair rosette from Family Dollar, leggings from IDK???, boots from Payless. I love this outfit. So comfy, so pretty, so colorful but in darker shades for the colder months.