Russian Peasant Pattern #Handknit Sweater #ootd #ootdsocialclub

My mom's mom, who we called "Nana," was so talented at cooking, craft and style. I have a collection of her things, which I've tagged under "Nana" so you can see what her taste were like. She was also a sensational knitter, and she made this for me when I was young. I think I was 9. Obviously it was made big for me at the time. Thank goodness, because it means I get to wear it as a kind of cropped sweater every once in a while nowadays. How beautiful is this sweater? It took her a long time to make it. I think I could see it was beautiful back then, but it wasn't something I wore to school, because it wasn't Eva Joia (see below) or LA Gear. Haha. I wore it for holidays and the like. You'll see this again, soon I think. I want to wear it more often to make up for lost time.
Eva Joia Gitano clothing, popular during my elementary school days.
That girl on the left looks like Peyton Manning in a blonde wig.