Yellow #Accessories

#accessoriesoftheday #wiwt #whatiworetoday #pinupaccessories Yellow is one of my favorite colors to wear. I sported it for all my formal dances in high school, actually. (I need to track down some of those pics for TBT...) I think it is a color that compliments red hair. 

The necklace I made, inspired by an episode of PBS's History Detectives. Bracelet from Glimpse of Tibet in Martha's Vineyard. Earrings were a gift from my college bestie, she bought them at Indrani Gifts in the Tontine Mall in Brunswick. Tarot card ring purchased at Frenchman St Art Market in NOLA, blue stone costume ring from Boomerangs in West Roxbury. Headband from Dollar Tree. 

This is one of those accessories palettes that I love for it's combinations of origins: thrift store, dollar store, trip to the Vineyard, visit to New Orleans, gift from Maine.I think it's nice when what you wear has a bit of a story to it.