#PinupMakeup - Cupid's Bow Lips, All-Around Eye Liner

With the luxury of vacation, I could take time to play with make up for a while if I wanted, so I did one Friday late morning before heading down to Freret St in NOLA, which is near my mom's house.

 Usually I just have a 5-10 minute make up routine. This time I did primer, liquid make up, highlighting, contouring on my cheeks and heavy eyeliner with a cupid's bow lip. My mouth is slightly crooked, in a cute way I think, which you can see in the picture I took below of me sipping iced tea on patio seating in the 70 degree shade of New Orleans while my New England friends suffered record brekaing lows. I'm such a devil. 

If you want tips on how to do pinup make up like this, I took ideas from these video tutorials: The Cherry Dollface's Drugstore vintage inexpensive pinup makeup tutorial and Kandee Johnson's Marilyn Monroe Make Up Tutorial.