Striped Shirt & Pencil Skirt w/ Turquoise Corduroy Bolio #ootd

#pinupoutfit #workoutfit #ootdsocialclub A good "person" to channel when trying to keep a nice vintage/pinup look for work is good ol' Joan Holloway- Harris. Thank goodness for Janie Bryant -- Mad men's costume design maestro -- and Christina Hendricks -- that actor who played Joan -- for reminding us to appreciate a curvy figure and teaching the likes of me how to dress ourselves in the most flattering manner. I even wore a gold necklace a la Joan after she made partner. There's no partnership for me to make, but I still wanted a chance to wear this beautiful costume gold necklace that I got at the Bangor Goodwill in 1997. Pencil skirt from No Fleas Market on Magazine St in New Orleans. Shirt was a hand me down from a work colleague (fun, right?) and is Michael Kors. Jacket & shoes from when I worked at Old Navy. Black tights are from Marshalls, I think. Hair bow and band from Dollar Tree.