#tbt Before and After ID Card

These IDs, which are two year's apart--the one on the right being younger, may make you think I'm Benjamin Button, aging backwards. But I'm not, though like Benjamin Button, this drastic change originates from New Orleans. You see, in the 2012 photo with my pixie cut, I had just returned from my very first Mardi Gras, bloated from a ten day bender filled with po boys, muffelattas, etoufee, grits, bourbon, vieux carres, Abita Beer and all kinds of indulgences, plus jet lag and First Monday Back to Work-itis, not to mention the element of "oh we're doing this today?" Meanwhile the one in 2014 was pre-planned and I actually did a full make up face instead of just the 10 minute face that day. Plus I'd grown my hair our so I looked less soccer mom-ish. Or "Orange Is the New Black"-ish. Isn't it crazy what lighting, make up and preparedness can do to looks? Plus it was later in 2012 that I fully adopted the "pinup" look. Before that I was more boho hippie. Now I feel like I'm boho pinup!