Style Ideas for Vintage & Polka Dot Accessories: a pretty blue, yellow and off-white palette

navy blue and baby blue, gold and yellow and off-white accessories from vintage to drugstore to Mad Men star's NOLA store

Style Ideas for Vintage and Polka Dot Accessories: a pretty blue, yellow and off-white palette

I just really like that polka dot headband, which was simply a CVS hair section purchase from the Scunci company. But with the colors, there's something very lovely about this palette. I think I like it so much because there's so many piece with special memories for me, which I go into below with the accessories details. I wore these accessories for my nephew's birthday party in December, as shown in the post from Sunday

Vintage Style Yellow , Navy and Off-White Accessories Details

  • Tear drop earrings are from Hazelnut, a boutique on Magazine St in New Orleans, that is owned by Mad Men's Bryan Batt. (Unfortunately later on that day, one of the earrings fell to the floor as I took them off and the loop broke. So sad.)
  • Yellow bangle and lattice gold ring was a hand me down from my Aunt Betty. 
  • White bangle from Killer Trash in Fells Point Baltimore. 
  • Sapphire ring was a college graduation present from my father. 
  • High Priestess Tarot Card Brass Ring from Frenchman Street art Marktet in NOLA. 
  • Statement necklaces with faux pearl beads from Payless for $2.50! 
  • Polka Dot Headband from CVS.