Turquoise Rose Print "dress" with Black and Silver Accessories #outfit

#ootd #ootdsocialclub #everydaypinup #plussizepinup #vintageclothes The "dress" is in quotes because actually this is a women's size 24W blouse that I bought for a DOLLAR ($1!!!) at The Pink Elephant Antique Mall on off the highway in IL on your way from Springfield to St Louis. I loved the print and could tell that if I put a belt on it (which is so very reminiscent of that Gap Girls Skit from early 90s SNL) it would be a cute dress. It reminded me of a Joan Holloway Harris dress that Tom and Lorenzo once digressed upon. Though it's a different shade and cut, you just don't find a blue rose dress every day. Gotta get it when you see it and use your imagination forthwith.