#WinterPinup Outerwear

#everydaypinup The harshest winter weather days of New England call for lots of layers. It's looking like we might be on to Spring already but here's a pic from late January of me, bundled up but still colorful! The black coat with tan accents and princess shoulders is a down Bill Blass long coat that I bought during the $5 outwerwear sale at the Bangor Goodwill back in 2006. That coat is the best: pretty, practical, toasty, versatile, stylish. The scarf I call my "everything" scaf because it goes with everything. That was a gift from one of my SIL's parents. The crochet multi-color green heandwrap with rosette was a Christmas gift from a colleague. I let my bangs and pony tail poke out because it was pretty. My Aunt Betty had a really long red down coat with black lining that was similar to this one. I think I had that in mind when I purchased it. The shoulders being slightly poufy and the length being all the way to mid calf makes it pretty but also very warming. That's how you do it!