Iced Tea Selfie at Mojo Coffee House in New Orleans on Freret St

Bridget Eileen sipping iced tea in red polka dot dress
Kinda jerky of me to do this to people but worth it

Taking Selfies While Sipping Iced Tea on Hot February Days in New Orleans, to Send Back to Friends in New England and Make Them Jealous

The sun is shining! Spring is here! Time to sit outside and sip iced tea! Though, admittedly, I did do that already in February, when I took this picture. That's when Spring was springing down in New Orleans. 

And I actually posted this to Facebook then, too. While everyone here in Southern New England was getting Windchill Advisory Warnings "Do not stay outside for more than 5 minutes." 

Meanwhile it was somewhere in the high 60s, low 70s at Mojo Coffee House on Freret St in NOLA. This was a mean, gloaty kind of selfie. ;-)

Also because I was on vacation I had time to do really nice makeup! My eyebrows match my hair color so perfectly & the color is so well blended! In real life, I have translucent eyebrow hair. Which is fine: gives me lots to play with when I dye my hair. But it means I really have to pencil some in if I don't want to look all forehead. 

Glamour Witch Style Curvy Cottagecore Plus-Size Fashion Outfit Inspiration Details 

  • Red polka dot dress - Target
  • Turquoise string bead necklace - vintage handmedown from my Nana
  • Turquoise hair rosette - Family Dollar

Glamour Witch Makeup

  • Black nail polish
  • Liquid eyeliner - a very thick line from one corner of the eye to the other
  • Arched red eyebrows, using a lip liner!
  • Pigtail braids with turquoise hair rosette
  • Blush for coloring and contouring
  • Dark red lip colour