Curvy Cottage Core Weekend Outfit of the Day - Maroon Dress with Brown and Navy Accessories

Bridget Eileen in curvy cottage core maroon summer dress winterized for a winter outfit of the day

Winterizing a Summer Dress for a Cute Cottagecore Curvy Outfit of the Day

This is a dress I wear only on weekends, as it is a sundress that I don't wear with a bra. It has a halter neckline so I can't really wear a bra with it, nor do I really need to, with the way it is cut and it drapes. 

Winterizing a Cottagecore Summer Sundress 

The cut of this dress reminds me a lot of what I picture elves would wear, The way it drapes down in a triangular front and back. Because of its colors, being more of a winter or fall tone, I figured I might be able to pull off wearing this summer curvy cottagecore dress in the winter. 

I made this sundress work for winter by wearing it with lined grey leggings, brown lined winter boots, and a brown cardigan. (In the summer, the colors I'd wear with this would be brighter oranges and/or contrasting turquoise or sea foam green.)  

The other thing I tend to do for the weekend and vacations is pigtails. It's a really cute and comfy hairstyle but I don't ever wear it to work because form-wise it doesn't really work at a professional setting, what with the no bra thing. Haha. But for a poetry reading (which was where I was heading) on a Sunday, this worked well!

Glamour Witch Style Curvy Cottagecore Plus-Size Fashion Outfit Inspiration Details 

  • Pigtails
  • Furry boots
  • Cozy leggings with fleece lining
  • Brown cardigan
  • Matching hair rosette
  • Cloth headband