Dark Red Polka Dot Dress with Contrasting Turquoise Accessories Glamour Witch Style Outfit of the Day

Curvy Cottage Core Style Outfit in Maroon and Turquoise

I Love Wearing Accessories That Contrast in Color with My Outfit

I wore this curvy cottagecore cute outfit on the Friday after Mardi Gras during my last weekend in New Orleans in February 2016. I went shopping at sadly no defunct Bloomin' Deals on Freret, and sipped some iced tea and Mojo Coffee House. Later I went to The Other Bar for Happy Hour (post forthcoming). Then it was time for our fancy Commander's Palace Dinner in the Garden District. (Post also forthcoming. This was a good day in my adopted sister city.

Glamour Witch Style Curvy Cottagecore Plus-Size Fashion Outfit Inspiration Details 

I love contrasting colors, like maroon red and turquoise blue. It makes everything pop. The dress is from Target. Tank, flats and leggings from Old Navy. Necklace was Nana's, hair stuff from dollar stores. Belt from the now-closed Full Blossom Chic, which was also on Freret St. 

Cottagecore Outfit Elements

  • Polka dot dress
  • Turquoise hair rosette
  • Pigtail braids
  • Leopard print flats
  • Mixed prints of stripes, polka dots and animal print