Ideas for Yellow & Black Accessories w/ Vintage, Dollar Store & Handmade Jewelry

pin up accessories in yellow and black including handmade necklace

Retro Style Accessories in a Yellow and Black Palette: Handmade Necklace, Cheap Pin Up Fashion Belt, Cheap Hair Rosette, Vintage Bangle Bracelets and Wooden Zebra Print Bracelet - Bonus Idea: wear this for your local Black & Gold Sports Team Games

Bohemian Budget Alert! That yellow flower pinup belt was only $.47 on a clearance sale at Old Navy in 2006. Plus I also had an employee discount so $.38 I think. Hahaha. 

Mixing Vintage Jewelry, Handmade Jewelry and Cheap Pin Up Style Accessories Details

The rosette and headband were around a dollar or so from Walgreens. 
I made that necklace, inspired by a PBS History Detectives episode. 
The black bracelet was from Claire's. 
The yellow ones belonged to my Aunt Betty. They're a beautiful vintage set. 
The wooden bracelet is from from Glimpse of Tibet in Martha's Vineyard.

Bonus Idea: Pin Up Style Sports Apparel

This would be a good choice of pin up style accessories for a Bruins game. Too bad they suck an didn't even make the play offs this season. Bastards. Apologies to the more genteel readers who aren't used to a salty Boston sports fan's passion.

Anyone in Pittsburgh is also welcome to take inspiration from this to add pin up style to your Steelers, Penguins, or Pirates outfits.