Super Bright Pin Up Fashion Plus Size Outfit for Work - Hot Pink Dress w/ Yellow & Black Accessories

Bright Pink Dress and Yellow and Black Accessories Pin Up Fashion Plus Size Outfit for Work

Hot Pink Dress with Yellow and Black Accessories: My Super Bright Pin Up Style Plus Size Outfit for Work

I should be a bit more smile-y in this photo considering how bright and cheery this outfit is! I know I play with color in funky ways and you might wonder, "How does Ms Bridget Eileen come up with that?" In this instance it was my slothfulness that helped. That is, I have a giant pile of clean clothes in a mound on my side table in my bedroom and this cardigan and dress were next to each other on the pile. I saw then together and thought "Yeah, that works!" True story.

Where I Got This Cheap Pin Up Style Outfit

The cardigan is from the odd lots discount store Marden's in Maine. Their motto is "I shoulda bought it, when I saw it, at Mardens!" And in this case I did. They survived the recession somehow. It's counterpart in Mass, Building 19 did not, sadly.  But we still have Ocean State Job Lots which I imagine started out in neighboring Rhode Island. People don't often think about buying clothes at the odd lot stores, but take a look through. Sometimes they'll have really cute, cheap fashion bargains. 

The dress I bought for a wedding and was $20 at TJ Maxx. The bottom seam flows down a little in the back for some interesting drama (not that the color isn't interesting enough!). I dress it down with leggings, a cute cardigan, simple headband, and beaded necklace for informal pin up accessories. (For the wedding I wore finer jewelry, heels, stockings instead of leggings and much more dramatic vintage style hair rosette.)

The ballet flats are from Target. They're white with a multi-color pastel floral motif. I am wearing a handmade necklace that I created after watching an episode of PBS's History Detectives