Cheap Vintage Accessories from Thrift Store Shopping in Jade, Cream and Brown

Cheap Vintage Accessories from Thrift Stores in Jade, Brown and Cream
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Finding Gorgeous but Cheap Vintage Accessories at the Thrift Store

I always find really gorgeous or unique or funky accessories at the thrift stores I visit. The trick is, before heading to check out, take some time to explore what's under the glass cases by the checkout line. Don't be afraid to ask to look and explore through those displays, too. I found that absolutely gorgeous silver and jade pendant necklace at Bloomin Deals in New Orleans. Jewelry was on sale that day, too, so it was marked down from $7 to $4. Amazing! It's quickly becoming one of my favorite all-time thrift store find. I love how pretty the jade pendant is set in the silver like a flower.

Where I Found the Other Cheap Pin Up Style Accessories

The vintage off-white bangle bracelet was a $5 purchase I made back in 2003 at Killer Trash in Baltimore. That place is great, and always getting accolades from local press for it's bargain. The belt isn't vintage, but it's from Boomerangs Thrift Store at their Jamaica Plain location and was only $2. The hair rosette was from trust old Family Dollar, also $2. So for a total of $13 dollars I had some very beautiful accessories to wear for the day.