Ideas for Green, Black and Off-White Pin Up Accessories

boho chic meets pin up style with thick belt long pencil skirt and jade top and accessories

Vintage Style Accessories in Jade, Off-White and Black with Pin Up Fashion Three Buckle Belt, Vintage Jade Necklace, and Chandelier Earrings

How many times can I say I love that silver jade necklace from Bloomin' Deals in New Orleans? I really do. I want to take it on Antique's Roadshow. There's no way it's not worth more than the $4 I paid for it. It's so lovely. 

The "Corset" Belt

Anyhoo, check out that freakin' belt, eh? It's almost like a corset! It's really cool. I usually wear it with the long pencil skirt or with a tea length dress. I bought it at Savers in West Roxbury. I tried it on right in front of the mirror inthe accesories section and a guy looked at me with raised eyebrows. I think he liked it. Lordy.

Boho Chic Accessorizing

The headband and chandelier earrings thing is one of my favorite boho chic accessories combinations. The earrings I wore because I only wore the thick headband, no other hair decor. I don't usually wear long earrings and a rosette except for special occasions. The off-white bangle is also from a thrift store, Killer Trash in Baltimore. Shoes from Old Navy.

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