Bright Pink and Turquoise Outfit for Work with Pin Up Leopard Print Skirt

Pretty Plus Size Outfit for Work with Bright Pink Top, Turquoise Jacket and Leopard print Skirt Pin Up Style OOTD

Pin Up ootd: Bright Pink and Turquoise with Leopard Print Skirt Plus Size Outfit for Work 

I've had that corduroy bolio jacket from Old Navy for ten years now. It's lasted because I'm more of a cardigan wearer than jacket, so I don't pull it out of the closet as much. But it's so cute and bright so I'm glad I have it. Pairing it with another bright color, in that simple pink tshirt from Family Dollar, looks so pretty and the neutral color but funky pattern leopard print skirt gives it a lot of flair but a balance of color play. You can see the retro style accessories palette of turquoise, blues and blacks here.