White Plaid Dress & Purple OOTD Pin Up Style Plus Size Outfit for Work - all from the thrift store

cheap pin up style white plaid dress with purple cardigan plus size outfit for work

Bohemian Budget Alert: Cheap Pin Up Style White Plaid Dress with Purple Cardigan Plus Size Outfit for Work Cheap OOTD, all pieces from Thrift Stores!

Bohemian Budget Alert: This little white plaid mod style dress is so cute and I bought it at Savers thrift store in West Roxbury for $9 or so. I still can't believe what a bargain I found, because this diverse piece can be worn so many different ways. On this day I wore it with purple items from other thift stores. That belt is from Boomerangs in West Roxbury for $2. The cardigan was $5 from No Fleas market in New Orleans. The headband and black and white rosette are from dollar stores for a total of $3. The legings were from Family Dollar for $10. So! This outfit cost: $30 for the whole thing. Bargain Hunter!!! I posted about the super cheap vintage pin up style black and white and purple accessories in a previous post.