Ideas for a Comfy but Pretty Pinup Outfit for Work: Dark Green Vintage Dress and Purple Cardigan

A Pretty Pinup Fashion OOTD for Plus Size and a Really Comfy Outfit for Work in Jade Green and Purple

A Pretty Pinup Fashion OOTD for Plus Size and a Really Comfy Outfit for Work

You know, these pretty clothes I wear almost always have the same thing in common, especially my plus size outfits for work: they're really really comfortable! This is no different. And when it comes to dressing pin up style at work, the formula is pretty rote: 

leggings/tight + dress/shirt & skirt + cardigan + accessories [belt, hair thing, necklace, bracelet] = pin up style outfit fot work
Yes, I have just reduced fashion to a math equation! Haha. But serious, it's not a hard thing to get into wearing pretty clothes every day, if that's what you feel motivated to do. If you don't care and like a shirt, pants and sweater all in black every day because your passion lies elsewhere, that's great, too. This, to me, is all about what makes you happy.

Dark Green Vintage Style Dress from with Purple Cardigan from No Flea Market thrift store in New Orleans 

This pretty dark green dress was from so I must have purchased for around $15 or so. Their clothes are very cheap but comfortable. I will admit, I have to tail some of the necklines a bit or waistlines, but I'm handy with basic sewing. The long, pretty cardigan was $5 at No Fleas Market, a non-profit thrift store in New Orleans. So... $20 for a gorgeously retro glamorous plus size outfit for work? That definitely fall under my bohemian budget criteria for excleent cheap pin up fashion bargains

I posted about the accessories in a previous post. You can read about the purple and black cheap pin up style accessories I'm wearing here.