How to Do Pin Up Makeup Using a Dark Color Palette

Pin Up Style Hair and Make Up in Black and White photo featuring pigtails and dark red lipstick

How to Do Dark Make Up with a Cute Pin Up Spin 

Sometimes you just have a good hair and make up night and need to document that, for the days when you feel hideous and decrepit.

Bridget Eileen dark pin up style make up with redhead pigtails and bbw low cut curvy girl dess

Wearing Dark Make Up with a Cute Pinup Look

I had a really dark lip and cat-eye make up but to balance that darkness out, I had really cute hair by creating curled pigtails. I made sure to use the curling iron in three section per pigtail to get the cute little curl like that of my pigtails. I'm wearing purple, red and navy blue, which I'll show in another post. I was a very oh la la sexy outfit for a night out. Because that's fun. 

How to Get a Pinup Style Dark Red Lip Color 

First I went over my lip line in a darker red lip liner and filled that in. On the top, I accentuated the cupid bow in harsh arches. Don't worry about the harshness to start. I will end up blotting and blending to be less pronounced, so really go dramatic to start. Next I went over the line with a thicker black liner along the top, just under the original line. On the bottom I filled the entire lip with the black liner. Next I used red lipstick on the entire lip, top and bottom, and blended and blotted. Use your red liner to touch up any make up that goes outside the lip line. Sometimes the liner might not blend as well. In which case I will use some lip balm then blend and blot.