Interesting Outfit Color Combination Ideas: Emerald and Leopard Print Pin Up Style Plus Size OOTD Outfit for Work

Emerald green shirt and matching shoes with leopard print skirt plus size pin up ootd

Plus Size Outfit for Work in Pin Up Style with Emerald Green Shirt and Matching Shoes and Leopard Print Skirt

Sometimes it's fun to be matchy-matchy like this tank top from Target is with the ballet flats from Old Navy. I am also wearing the bright green pendant necklace from Bloomin' Deals thrift store in New Orleans, which matches. And after all that matching, what's a girl to do but bring out the most clashing print possible to bright emerald green: tan and black leopard print! Granted they're "neutral" tones so they can go with anything, but in this case, it really makes the use of color pop because it is such a stark difference. 

How to Make This Pin Up Style Outfit for Work "Work"

Adding my trusty beige grampa sweater and black leggings makes this sufficiently tame for work. But a few adjustments in a different way could make it pretty sexy for a night and weekend outfit. If I wore stockings instead of leggings, or bare legs in warm weather, that would make it a bit more "fun." And instead of a nice long, beige sweater, if I wore a tight cropped cardigan in black or complimentary jewel tone--or not sweater at all, that could spice it up too. Also, I could wear the neckline of the tank lower and a lower cut bra and that would also bring this from tame pin up for work to sexy pin up for the weekend.

PS This was the last outfit of the day I took before changing from a redheaded to raven hair. Though I still have a slew of redheaded ootd pictures to share!