Vintage Bridge: Swimsuit Edition - Retro Style Bright Pink Plus Size Bikini Separates

Vintage Bridge Swimsuit Edition Pink Retro Style Bikini Plus Size Vintage Cut Bottoms Mix Print D Cup Bikini Top

Vintage Bridge: Swimsuit Edition - Retro Style Pink Plus Size Bikini Separates, Vintage Cut Bikini Bottoms from, D-Cup Print Bikini Top from Old Navy

Happy FIRST WEEKEND OF SUMMER! And....Bohemian Budget Alert! The tops were part of a suit whose top was too small for me, but the whole suit was only $8 anyway. And the top was on clearance at Old Navy for $7. Now, the top is a few cup sizes too small, but that works well in this instance because it shows off my curves nicely. And isn't that one of the points of a bikini? These separates from two different retailers really work well together, with the vintage cut for the bottoms. I'm excited to head to the beach as often as possible and wear this!

So! Style tip: shop you bikini pieces from different store and don't be afraid to play with style, cut and color! As always, head to the clearance section first.