Ideas for Pretty Pale Pink and Polka Dot Vintage Pin Up Accessories

Pale Pink and Polka Dot Pretty Pin Up and Vintage Accessories

Pale Pink and Polka Dot Pretty Things: Vintage and Cheap Pin Up Accessories

That pale pink costume pearl multichain necklace is an exquisite piece of vintage costume jewelry that was a hand me down from my Aunt Betty. It was broken when I received it but I was able to fix it up and I really love how beautiful it is. The polka dot daisy hair rosette was on clearance at the Walgreens on Boylston St in downtown Boston. I've found some good little accessories bargains there, in fact. The headband is from the dollar store. Pink bangle and pale pink cloth belt from Bloomin Deals thrift store in New Orleans and that cute ever-so-versatile polka dot bangle is from Claire's. 

I don't know how it it I have been able to accrue such well-coordinating accessories from so many different sources. But I think I'm able to do so because I'm good at organizing. I'm aware of what I already have (4 blue cloth headbands for instance) and what I could maybe use (small red hair rosettes, purple bangle). And, as always, don't be afraid to mix up vintage with dollar store with hand me down with department store sources!

You can see the cute pin up style plus size outfit for work with a striped mini dress and ruffly pink cardigan that I wore these pretty accessories with at the link.